If you’ve ever traveled by airplane, you’ve experienced to handle dropped suitcases at some point. As outlined by a report by SITA, an international airport IT service provider, around 23 million bags have been mishandled by airlines in 2017 alone. That is a great deal of misplaced travel luggage! Although there’s no assured means of avoiding getting your bag storage rome travelling bag go missing, there are some things that you can do to reduce the chance. Here are five strategies for preventing shed baggage at luggage storage Rome:

Utilize a baggage tracking mobile app.

A number of apps out there permit you to keep track of your travel luggage in real time. Using this method, should your bag does get lost, you’ll have the ability to locate it easily. A few of the most popular apps involve TrakDot and Floor tile.

Placed your contact info inside your case.

Make sure you place your own name, address, and contact number inside your handbag in the event it becomes lost and someone realizes it. Like that, they could send it back for your needs easily and quickly. It is possible to set this data on an ID tag or a bit of document within the bag.

Stay away from loading valuables inside your checked out luggage.

It is always wise to have valuables like precious jewelry, electronic devices, and crucial paperwork inside your have-on handbag. Then, should your checked baggage becomes misplaced, you won’t have to bother about changing those items.

Load up light.

The lighter in weight your case is, the not as likely it is to obtain shed. The reason being lighter totes make it easier for air carrier staff to lift up and move about, lowering the possibility of them accidentally departing your bag powering. So stay away from the irritation of dealing with shed baggage and package lighting!

Pick a reliable flight.

Some airlines have got a much better record of lost suitcases as opposed to others. When booking your flight, take some time to check out the airline’s luggage guidelines and procedures to discover the frequency of which they misplace luggage. This will give you a good idea of what to expect and assist you to opt for an airline that may be unlikely to reduce your baggage.


No-one likes handling lost suitcases, but unfortunately, it takes place very typically when you are traveling by aircraft. Fortunately that there is something that can be done to lower the danger of getting your handbag go missing, including downloading a luggage tracking app and loading lighting. Subsequent these guidelines guarantees your following getaway is as clean as possible—luggage damages integrated!