One of the more significant instruments in any telephone fix technician’s collection is the heat gun. Heat guns are widely used to remove adhesives, soften plastics, and remove dampness from components. There are a selection of various heat pistols out there, each and every with its personal set of advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type of heat gun is the hot glue guns. These weapons use a heating system factor to produce an air flow which is very hot enough to dissolve adhesives and soften plastics. The environment stream is aimed by way of a nozzle, which allows the technician to control the quantity of heat and air flow.

Another type of glue guns will be the infra-red gun. These pistols use infrared radiation to heat items. This type of gun is great for getting rid of humidity from components, as it does not generate any sets off or fire.

The ultimate sort of heat gun is definitely the laser gun. These pistols make use of a laser ray to heat items. Laserlight guns are perfect for accuracy job, since they can be used to heat particular regions without damaging around places.

Every type of heat gun has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Heat firearms are the most functional sort of gun, while they can be used a variety of programs. Even so, they are often harmful otherwise employed appropriately, as they are able cause uses up and traumas. Infrared guns are safe for use and never produce any sparks or flames, but they are less adaptable as heat guns. Laser light weapons will be the most exact sort of gun, however are also the most expensive.


Heat pistols are an essential resource for almost any cell phone maintenance tech. They are used to take out adhesives, soften plastic materials, and take away moisture from components. There are a selection of various kinds of heat pistols in the marketplace, each with its personal list of advantages and drawbacks.