Are you planning to use the chia seeds? The following are some of the things you need to know about it:
They are full of nutritional punch
When you look at the back of the packet of the chia seeds, you will see that it is made of fat, protein, and the dietary fiber. It also has a lot of minerals that include magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
They are high in fiber
With the chia seeds they are going to ensure that you keep regular. Fiber about 20% is soluble. The beauty when it comes to the soluble fiber is that, it promotes a digestive system which is soluble by feeding your gut with good microbes.
They absorb a lot of water
That means that, it bulks up, giving you a feeling of fullness for quite a long time. But if you happen not to be drinking a lot of water, it can cause blockages. So make sure that you take enough water and stay hydrated.
They have a texture which is crazy
The seeds are same to the poppy seeds and thus, nothing crazy about that. But to add water you will get something totally different. Oozy or slimy might be the best way of describing it.
They come in various colors
You will get them in various colors, white, black and others.
They come in various forms
You can be able to buy the entire seeds, the ground chia, chia bran, and the chia seed oil. They are good in a smoothie because it is free of gluten and low in carb
You can sprout them
If you don’t feel like you no longer like them, you can give some to your pet and it will be good for it.