If you plan to attend a wine tasting event, you are probably interested in learning some simple wine tasting tips. Many different techniques can be used at wine tastings and many of them can be quite useful. However, they all depend on your taste and what you are looking to accomplish.
Some people enjoy the experience so much that they never bother to try anything else; others are content to sample a new wine every week or two to maintain their palate. Here are a few simple but effective wine tasting tips that you can try before attending any wine tasting event:
First things first: Be sure to use a clean, dry, and odor-free glass. First impressions are everything, so make sure you do not drink from a dirty glass. Too small glass, the wrong shape, or unpleasant smells can all affect your initial impressions of the wine and will impact your taste of it as well.
The temperature of wine will also have a big effect on your initial taste, since the higher the temperature, the more alcohol will have evaporated from the wine as it was heated. So, for example, if you’re drinking an aged white wine, you’ll want to have a glass of wine chilled about one degree so that it will retain less of its alcohol.
Next, after you have the right kind of wine in the glass, remember to move it around slowly and carefully. You can’t smudge or cloud the wine’s taste by moving the glass around, and your tongue shouldn’t feel sore from moving the glass around. Now that you know a few wine tasting tips, you’re ready to take home that wine you’ve tasted and learn to love it.